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Economy Sharing with Golintu

Sharing is here to stay!Thanks to the penetration of digital and mobile technologies into our daily lives, most of the tasks are now just a click away. From ordering your favourite pizza to booking a hotel for a dreamy vacation, many on-demand goods and services are being accessed in incredibly simple and intuitive ways. While data penetration and increased smartphone usage have played crucial factors in making these “online stores” popular, the cornerstone of their success lies with the model of economy used; a phenomenal economy model that has recently been sweeping the world off its feet- Sharing Economy. No more owners Also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) economy or collaborative economy, the sharing economy is rightly being viewed as a smart and rational model in modern society. The activity in sharing economy is majorly based on sharing access to goods or services among a group of individuals through an online platform. Highlighting the ability of a network to share things among them…