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Economy Sharing with Golintu

Sharing is here to stay!

Thanks to the penetration of digital and mobile technologies into our daily lives, most of the tasks are now just a click away. From ordering your favourite pizza to booking a hotel for a dreamy vacation, many on-demand goods and services are being accessed in incredibly simple and intuitive ways.
While data penetration and increased smartphone usage have played crucial factors in making these “online stores” popular, the cornerstone of their success lies with the model of economy used; a phenomenal economy model that has recently been sweeping the world off its feet- Sharing Economy.
No more owners
Also known as peer-to-peer (P2P) economy or collaborative economy, the sharing economy is rightly being viewed as a smart and rational model in modern society.
The activity in sharing economy is majorly based on sharing access to goods or services among a group of individuals through an online platform. Highlighting the ability of a network to share things among them, the sharing economy, essentially, involves commodities that aren’t owned by a single user but are temporarily accessed by individuals of the network.
Exponentially finding its feet in many sectors, sharing economy is offering quick solutions by breaking the economic, geographic and time-bound barriers that are witnessed in many scenarios.
Interestingly, the model of sharing economy has many functionalities when extended to the space of goods transportation/courier as well.
Consider the following two scenarios:
Scenario #1:
You need to send a parcel somewhere. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find a suitable courier service to do the job within your constraints. However, to deliver the parcel to its desired destination, you search for an individual who is travelling to the same destination and could carry the parcel along. But wait. How do you search for someone who might be travelling the same way and is willing to transport the parcel?
Scenario #2:
You are headed somewhere and don’t have much baggage to carry. You can comfortably trade your free baggage space with someone who might offer to share your travel expenses, can’t you? However, how do you find someone would need your free baggage space to ship a parcel?
Enter Golintu
Bringing the users from both the above scenarios onto one platform, Golintu offers a simple way to ease the deadlock.
Integrating the model of sharing economy to its intuitive platform, Golintu operates through a safe and secure transaction model.
How does it work?
Using Golintu, the sender connects with a traveller (referred to as lintu), who is willing to share his/her baggage space in exchange for a ‘sending fee’. After reaching a mutual understanding, the sender then makes an aggregated payment of ‘sending fee’ and ‘service fee’. Subsequently, the ‘sending fee’ is transferred to the traveller (lintu) for sharing the baggage space and carrying the parcel to the desired destination. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?


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