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        No boredom travels get connected with your travel mates and make your trip more exciting 


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No more extra baggage fees

Skip paying  extra baggage fee  You can skip paying extra baggage fee at airlines. Get connected with  traveler's with less baggage and hand over your extra baggage to them and collect  your baggage at the destination airport.

Send Anything,Anytime Anywhere

Now you can send anything with Go-Lintu  Send your parcels with our elite traveler's. Go-Lintu helps you to get connected with our verified traveler's and send your parcel with them.Are you worried to send your  parcel with unknown people? Do not worry Go-Lintu  verifies each and every traveler with our unique identification process. We make you our traveler's familiar and provide you the complete KYT( Know your traveller) which includes the traveler details,ratings etc. You have flexibility to choose your traveler as per their ratings

We tip, you trip

Save on every travel you make with Golintu Yes it is true you get paid. If you are traveling  and if you have some free space in your bag. Just start trading the unused space at Go-Lintu and get paid for your travel. Stop wasting your unused space from now. How will I get paid Paid?   Get connected with users who want to send their parcel and carry their parcel to your travel destination and get paid instantly from Go-Lintu.